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New & Improved Website!!
We're a month in to our new website, and we hope you love it as much as we do!  More items will be added as time goes on, such as links to articles and gallery pages. We've added a page for instructions for all our kits and a page for chemical SDS's for your convenience and information.  You'll also notice items like Silver Nitrate Crystals, Potassium Chloroplatinite Powder, and Palladium Chloride Powder are no longer sold by the gram.

Dick Sullivan

We still have room in our spring/summer workshop schedule!  

Carbon Transfer Process Workshop: March 23-25, 2017 with 3 spots left! Learn the art of the Carbon Transfer Process from Bostick & Sullivan founder Richard Sullivan. Carbon combines aspects of photography and fine art printmaking to produce a high-relief image. $995 includes all materials!

Gum Bichromate Printing Workshop: June 8-11, 2017 
Join us for this tri-color Gum Bichromate printing workshop taught by Christi Wiltenburg. Learn to combine three layers of watercolors on top of one another to create full color images. $995 includes all materials!

WetPlate Collodion Workshop: June 22-24, 2017 
Learn the art and science behind wetplate tintype and ambrotype phtography with the experts at Bostick & Sullivan. we supply all cameras and materials. Taught by Dana Sullivan.
$995 includes all materials! Cameras available to use. Limited to 6 participants.

$250 - September 14,15, & 16 2017 at Santa Fe Community College. Includes opportunity to show your prints and participate in the popular print exchange. The program is a combination of historic perspective, practical demonstrations and individual artistic expression.

See the Preliminary Schedule and Register Here!
Books We Love

Heliography & Physautotype Manual by Howard Efner
  • $20.00
Howard Efner's how-to guide to the esoteric physautotype process, a system developed by Daguerre and Niepce which pre-dates the invention of photography. The physautotype produces ghostly images on glass or metal plates using pine rosin, lavender oil and alcohol.

This is the ultimate book detailing photo history before there was photo history!

Purchase your copy here!
Alternative Photographic Processes: Crafting Handmade Images by Brady Wilks
  • On Sale: $29.90
Alternative Photographic Processes teaches techniques, both analog & digital, allowing artists to bring a personal touch through manipulation of a photograph, the negative, and the print. This book stands apart from recent publications on alternative processes by presenting a range of new approaches and methods to achieve popular techniques, as well as providing step-by-step guidance for an array of unique techniques meant to inspire artists working in various mediums. Through detailed guidance, working artist examples, and info about the contemporary use of these processes, this book will provide instruction for students, educators, and artists to expand their creative toolbox.

Purchase your copy here!
The Selma Portrait Project
Kathryn Mayo and Doug Winter

How does where you live help shape the person you've become?  The Selma Portrait Project is a photographic project designed to look at the connection between home and identity through portraiture and storytelling. 
Kathryn Mayo has set up a wet plate studio in a former tanning salon in historic Selma, Alabama.  Assisted by her husband, photographer Doug Winter, she is using an ultra large format camera and vintage, 19th century lenses to create 11 X 14" wet plate collodion ambrotypes of  Selma's residents.  Portrait participants are sharing their stories about their experiences in Selma in an interview format.  The ambrotypes, along with personal stories of participants will be included in a solo show at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia beginning April 6.  Kathryn plans to capture at least 40 portraits of local residents and is well on her way to reaching her goal!

Follow Kathryn's progess!
North Point Platinum Workshop
October 23 - 27th, 2017,

Hosted by Master Platinum Printer Sal Lopes and International Portraitist Herb Ascherman. The NPPW is an all-inclusive seminar in which you will: photograph models or landscapes, make digital negatives and learn Platinum Printing.
Class size is limited to eight participants.
Located at the storied North Point Plantation in King William, Va. (35 miles north east of Richmond) this all-inclusive package includes a room in the 1754 plantation manor house, all catered meals, chemistry, digital and chemical supplies and models.
For information contact: Herb Ascherman at

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