Trace Gallery - Permanence|Decay Closing event

Permanence|Decay – Group Photography Exhibit

1st Friday April 5, 2013

March 16th – April 13th 2013

Trace Gallery is pleased to present Permanence|Decay – a group photography exhibit as part of Denver Month of Photography.

Spiral staircases leading into nowhere. Slabs of granite piercing the sky. Weathered bones on a sand beach. Mausoleums. Trees growing in abandoned buildings. Mushrooms in the rainforest. Bristlecone pines on wind-blown mountain tops. Cracks on the pavement.

We are transient in this world, but our grandest creations are a testament to our unfulfilled longing for permanence. Nature seems to have achieved what we strive for, yet it feasts on decay.

The show will run March 16th – April 13th, 2014.
Gallery hours are Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm, and by appointment.

Trace Gallery
3700 Franklin St
Denver, CO 80205

For additional information please contact Sage Persephone

Barbara Pettibone - Ben Wilson - Chrystos Minot - Debra Lee Fanatia
Douglass Guernsey - Drew Michael - Gary Reed - Ian Welling

Jason Walp Kennethdon - Kate Shifman - Kaylee Littleton -Kevin Hoth
Leah Netsky - Lisa Hope - Luke Schutte - Michael Hans - Michael Manalo
Michael Pointer - Mike Grab - Mike Whitely - Paul Wedlake -Siobhan Keleher
Taylor Balkissoon - Tess Hamilton - Joseph Vinson -Tanya Smith