Pirate: Contemporary Art -Debra Sanders

Fleeting Moments / Projected Memories
A new Moto-Photo installation by Debra Sanders

Opening March 22nd 6-10pm
March 22, 2013 - April 17, 2013

This installation involves a grouping of moving projected images.  The process which I call "Moto-Photo" was borrowed by Debra Sanders and converted to project her own  converted by 35 mm. imagery.  Debra first used this projection process in her previous installations "Slide" 2002 and "3 Ring"  2005.  The coming  installation will involve 20 different projectors with images revolving throughout Pirate: Contemporary Art space.  This process was developed by Debra Sanders to create the feeling of sense memories, fleeting thoughts, dreams and emotions.

Pirate: Contemporary Art
3655 Navajo St.
Denver CO. 80211