French artist J.R and RedLine calls for submission


Call for Entry


Not Exactly, RedLine’s signature summer exhibition curated by Chad Kautzer and Robin Gallite, will open on June 1, 2013. As part of the exhibition, we are inviting photographers to submit proposals for an “Inside Out” project on the exhibition concept. We’ll be reviewing proposals through February 22nd.

Not Exactly is a multi-media and multi-venue reflection on the experience and social relations of homelessness. RedLine is a 9,000 square feet exhibition space in lower downtown Denver ( It is physically situated at the intersection of gentrification and service providers.

The concept of the exhibition speaks to the distinction between the material deprivation that leads to lack of shelter, and the deformation of social recognition that leads to an experience of homelessness. Each is to suffer a lack produced by the same social relations, yet each has its own logic, generates unique forms of conflict and division, and calls out for different kinds of disruptions. As foundational to our subjectivity, social recognition gives expression to our humanity and simultaneously situates us within a community. Homelessness, as a form of exclusion and misrecognition, can therefore be seen as a frustration of intimacy, equality, and sociality.

Not Exactly seeks to challenge the politics of space both within and beyond RedLine’s walls in ways that encourage critical reflection for a community divided. The Inside Out Project was founded by French artist J.R. and facilitates the production of posters for outdoor installation. Please see the organization’s facebook page for more details:!/InsideOutProject?fref=ts

One-page proposals with no more than three accompanying images (JPG, 72ppi) should be emailed to curators Chad Kautzer and Robin Gallite at and no later than Feb. 22nd 2013. Files should be titled as LastName_FirstName_01Title.jpg. This deadline relates to the processing time for the wheat paste images, for more information about logistics, sizing and framework of the images – please do visit the facebook link listed above. Outdoor locations for this project are still to be determined, but will most likely appear in the Downtown Denver and Five Points neighborhoods.