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Classes & Workshops
March 5                   Preparing for Portfolio Reviews with Tomiko Jones and Mark Sink 
March 6                   Getting Started with Adobe Lightroom with George Jardine
March 6 & 9             Winter Landscape with Evan Anderman
March 9 & 10           Portraiture with Anthony Camera
March 13                 Using Lightroom With Photoshop with George Jardine
March 23 & 24          Introduction to Digital Photography with Dave Barry         
April 6                     Pinhole Photography Workshop with Jessie Paige 
April 20 & 21            Tintype Workshop with Denis Roussel 
April 19 & 20            Denver after Dark with Christopher James
April 27 & 28            'Pop-up' workshop with Ed Kashi
April 28                    Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day at Zang Mansion, Univ. of Denver                                       School of Art & Art History and Red Rocks Community College
Coming Up...
Join us March 28 for the inaugural "Hal Gould Vision in Photography Award"
Last year, a packed dining room enjoyed a three-course meal with complimentary champagne, wine and beer, keynote address by Adam Lerner, and fine print auction.  This year, in addition to another fantastic Table 6 dinner, we mark our 50th anniversary with the first "Hal Gould Vision in Photography Award." This annual award will recognize people who have made significant contributions in the Western Region to raising awareness, value, and appreciation of the photographic arts. The 2013 award winner will be announced soon. Hal, who was one of CPAC's original founders and the long-time owner of Denver's Camera Obscura Gallery, will be in attendance.

For more info or to RSVP: click here
Pinhole Photography!!  
When is the Worldwide Pinhole Photography day? 
  • The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is held each year on the last Sunday in April.
  • The next Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is on Sunday, April 28, 2013.
Why Pinhole Photography? 
  • A unique personal experience!
  • With your own camera, infinite depth-of-field, skewed perspectives, and slower exposures, you may ultimately become more creative and more selective about what you choose to photograph. Magical things happen in pinhole photography...
Jessie Paige
images by:Jessie Paige
More with George Jardine!!!
Getting Started With Adobe Lightroom
An introductory class for digital photographers who want get started on the right foot with Adobe Lightroom. The basics of file system organization, and understanding the benefits of using Lightroom vs. an ordinary file browser. In this class we will also outline a very simple backup and archive strategy for your growing digital library.                     

                                                                                          Register Here
Using Lightroom With Photoshop
Gain an in-depth understanding of the benefits of using Adobe Photoshop with Lightroom. In this class you will learn when you need to jump to Photoshop, and how to use Lightroom to its best advantage to manage all your raw and Photoshop files together in one library.
Portfolio Review
Portfolio reviews are an important part of any photographer's development as an artist. These informal reviews are open to all student levels and are an excellent chance to present your work in a positive environment, gain confidence, and receive constructive feedback on ways to move ahead with your project.

Each month, Gallery Director Rupert Jenkins and an educator or curator from the photo community will lead discussion and critiques of six photographers' work. Reviews last approximately 20 mins each.

To show your work, RSVP online here
Our Fine Art Print Collection is Now Online 
The CPAC Fine Print Collection is an historical overview of 20th century photography. It's 600+ pieces were donated by artists and collectors during the course of CPAC's 50-year history.

The collection is an invaluable teaching tool that represents some of the world's most celebrated photographers (Ansel Adams, Andre Kertecz, Imogen Cunningham, Richard Misrach, Max Yavno). It also includes several large collections of relatively unknown master photographers such as Winter Prather and R. Ewing Stiffler.

CPAC 50yrs
Today's CPAC is the result of a merger between the "old" CPAC, founded in 1963, and Working With Artists, founded in 2001.

This union of Denver's two most established non-profit photographic organizations was completed August 26, 2011, and leverages the strengths and vision of the two groups to create a vibrant space for photographic exhibitions and educational programs.
CPAC Directors & Staff
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