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 Susanne Mitchell - We Once Were
Susanne Mitchell

We Once Were

Opening Reception: Friday, March 29th, 6–10 pm

We Once Were is a series of portraits by Susanne Mitchell, inspired by a group of glass plate negatives from the late 1800’s–early 1900’s. Mitchell enlarges parts of the “found” portraits into photolithographic negatives, prints them onto stained birch plywood or black paper and embellishes the imagery with painting and drawing.

March 29th –April 21st,  2013



Samuel Riley 


An exhibition of works by

Ayinde Chong, Phillipe Moore, Mario Zoots, Samuel Riley and  Roddy McCines

March 29th –April 21st  2013

 Edge Gallery is pleased to present -ReS, an exhibition of works by Ayinde Chong, Phillipe Moore, Mario Zoots, Samuel Riley and Roddy McCines. The show opens to the public on Friday, March 29th, 2013 with an artist’s reception scheduled from 6–10 pm at Edge Gallery, 3658 Navajo St. Denver. The Gallery is open Fridays from 6–10 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1–5 pm or by appointment by calling 303-345-3679. The show runs through April 21st, 2013

By examining the role technology has played in the perception of the image and exploration of visual language, we begin to notice substantial changes in what it is that defines an image. Is this in itself the form of visual language we have become accustomed to? Questioning the value or authenticity of a synthesized product. Techniques are the design elements and principles that are used to construct visual images.  At their most basic level, all visual images can be reduced to a number of important visual concepts.  From these concepts, an infinite amount of visual images can be created.  Image-makers are constantly working with both techniques, and the creative possibilities of their tools.  The two interact with each other in highly individual and complex ways to help shape the images we see.  The artists included in –ReS, all explore the subjects of the image in their works in the context of photography.

Phillipe Moore

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