Vertigo Art Space The Vital Illusion curated by Mario Zoots - Opens Thursday !

Applied Pressure by Charles Wilkin
Vertigo Art Space

The Vital Illusion
curated by Mario Zoots

Inspired by Baudrillard. "To challenge and to cope with this paradoxical state of things, we need a paradoxical way of thinking; since the world drifts into delirium, we must adopt a delirious point of view."

The Vital Illusion March 1 - 30 2013

Opening March 14TH 6-9pm

7pm artist talk by New York based artist Charles Wilkin

Charles Wilkin will give a talk about his creative process. His assemblages attempt to transpose disjointed remnants of media overload and targeted consumption into tangible yet uncertain analogies. His motivation and objective is simply to mirror our behavior by fusing these cultural fragments into new stories that challenge our collective assumptions and aspirations.

Photomontage + collage exhibition of artists that span across Los Angeles, Denver, New York, Amsterdam, Norway and the grave. 

James Gallagher (NY)-

Gemma Bayly (CO) -

Geoff J Kim (AMSTERDAM) -

David Tippit (CO) -

Suzy Poling (CA) -

Ashkan Honarvar (NORWAY) -

Jeromie Dorrance (CO) -

Alicia Ordal (CO) -

Charles Wilkin (NY) -

Anthony Zinonos (LONDON) -

Steve Wilson - (CO)

Herbert Bayer -

Jacky Avila (CO) -


Rome Out of Time by James Gallagher