Lensculture News and Calls for Entry

The Liquid Mountains of Lake Erie
On the shores of the Great Lakes, when the wicked November wind is blowing, we find truly amazing displays of Mother Nature's power—and one photographer's courageous dream to immortalize these glorious yet fleeting moments. By Dave Sandford.
Talib├ęs: Modern-Day Child Slavery
"The work by Mario Cruz hits you like a brick in the face. He uncovers the unimaginable nightmare of child slavery, something that should simply not exist in our time...” Newsha Tavakolian's Juror's Pick from the Magnum Photography Awards. Photos by Mario Cruz.
Live View: Our Point and Shoot Memories
There's an odd human impulse to capture fleeting moments of overwhelming beauty rather than living in the moment—odd because this habit could be having the opposite effect, making us forget rather than remember. By Artur Urbanski.
Hillbilly heroin, honey
Rural Appalachia is known for its poverty and social problems—instead, these still, atmospheric photographs focus on the locals' unique bind to their fading community. In the photographer's words, "The crack in the soul is more important than the one on the wall.” By Hannah Modigh.
The Fishermen of Elmina, Ghana
Documenting the traditional and wonderfully distinctive way of life of a picturesque fishing town on the Ghanaian coast. By Tomasz Tomaszewski.
Photo Events & Calls for Entry
Festival: Visa Pour L'Image 2016
Perpignan, France

Welcome to Visa pour l'Image, the premier festival of photojournalism in the world. Join thousands of kindred spirits who share a love and passion for photography in viewing exhibitions, experiencing screens and taking part in symposiums and portfolio reviews.

Opening week from August 29 to September 4. Exhibitions running until September 11.
Open Call: Paris Photo -
Aperture Photobook Awards

Paris Photo and Aperture Foundation are pleased to present the 2016 edition of this prestigious international award, celebrating the book’s contribution to the evolving narrative of photography. Prizes will be given out for first photobooks as well as several other categories. Winners will be exhibited at Paris Photo and several other high profile locations around the world.
Deadline: September 9, 2016
Open Call: Expedition to Nepal 2016
Project Pressure 

Are you an established artist with experience in photography and videography? Are you a keen outdoorsman? Can see yourself trekking through the Himalayas? Why not apply to join a team headed by The Glacier Trust documenting glaciers in Nepal?

Deadline: September 11, 2016