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August 6, 2015
Documentary Street Photography

Harvey Stein
September 12-13 | 9am-5pm
Members 310.00 | Non-Members 344.00
The street photographer is one of our best resources for defining the culture of a city.  In this two-day workshop, participants will document their Denver environments and the people who populate it. Topics include: what it means to photograph strangers and strategies to approach them, ways of controlling light and exposure in the street, various lighting situations, and ways of posing and interacting with people will be covered. Participants will have access to Leica M Monochrom cameras for the duration of the workshop.
Artist Lecture at Denver Art MuseumSeptember 10 at 7pm
Opening Reception at the Robert Anderson GalleryFriday, September 115-8pm
Photography for Fiber Artists

Jacqueline Webster
August 21-22 | 9am-12:30pm
Art Students League of Denver

Members 185.00 | Non-Members 215.00

This workshop will explore using photography in textile art. We'll take the mystery out of the "alternative" photo processes, learn which processes work on fabric and how to make simple negatives. Topics will include cyanotype, Van Dyke brown, gum bichromate, and Inkodye.
Class details and registration here. 
CPAC Members receive discount, call for details.

Photographing the Figure for Painting and Drawing

Christine Szeredy
Fridays September 11-25 | 9am-12:30pm
Art Students League of Denver
Members 105.00 | Non-Members 126.00
This workshop focuses on photographing models in the studio, investigating lighting, form and composition. Whether the end-goal is the photograph or to use the camera as a sketching tool for paintings or drawings, students will leave with an understanding of how to capture creative images through lighting, poses, camera settings, and communication with the model. The class will cover the camera settings that best serve shooting on location, and will answer technical and aesthetic questions.

Class details and registration here. 
CPAC Members receive discount, call for details.
Lighting Bootcamp

Grant Leighton
Wednesdays September 2-30 | 6-9pm
Members 288.00 | Non-Members 320.00

This 5-week course with Grant Leighton will demystify lighting gear and all of its components. You will achieve a comprehensive understanding of situational lighting through a series of assignments on everything from portraits to still life. Discover how characteristics of light change the mood, beauty and purpose of the image.

Class details and registration here. 
Digital Photography 1: Camera Basics

Rayna Tedford
Tuesdays September 8-29 | 6-9pm
Members 202.50 | Non-Members 225.00
Learn how to use all the features of your digital SLR camera to take more interesting pictures in this intensive hands-on workshop. You will be comfortable choosing shooting modes, apertures, shutter speeds, ISO, and white balance. Topics covered include manual camera operation, file formats and quality, composition, and how to improve exposures.
Class details and registration here. 
Film & Darkroom 1: Beginning B&W

Michael Snively
September 9-30 | 6-9pm
Members 232.50 | Non-Members 255.00
Film and Darkroom 1 is a workshop focused on the basic mechanics of making a B&W silver-gelatin photograph, from learning how to operate a camera, to developing film and making prints in the darkroom. Students can use a 35mm or medium format camera. The class meets on Wednesdays with additional lab time on Monday evenings.

Class details and registration here. 
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Fall Colors: Photography Workshop in Crested Butte

Evan Anderman
September 25-27 
Members 292.50 | Non-Members 325.00

Enjoy Colorado's stunning Fall colors, snowy peaks and landscape while developing your photography skills in a three-day workshop lead by accomplished environmental photographer Evan Anderman. Through on-site demonstrations and discussions, Evan will share tips and techniques to create inspiring and thoughful images.  The course covers different approaches to documenting landscape, photographing at sunrise and sunset with opportunity to work with the instructor one-on-one and on your own to capture unique images. Evan’s work focuses on the many overlapping layers of the landscape and how it has been modified by a combination of processes, both natural and man-made.
In addition to field work, Evan will also share his technical process with students, including digital workflow and RAW file processing. Students will meet after the workshop in Evan’s studio to share final images.
Accommodations must be booked on your own. Lessons will be held at the Old Town Inn.

Itinerary and Registration 
CPAC Darkroom at the Zang Historic Mansion
Daily Rates
Members 20.00 | Non-Members 35.00
*Does not include chemical fee

Darkroom Orientation
First Saturday/Third Tuesday monthly. Must register in advance. 

Rental hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday or by agreement.

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