By Ben Sherrill
Through May 3, Rex and Sharon Brown's Pattern Shop Studio is home to one of the best exhibitions associated with Denver'sMonth of Photography.  Giving viewers a remarkable look at thescope of photography's history as a fine art medium,
The Origins of Photography: Past and Present offers ninety-six works from twenty-nine artists.  For art photography enthusiasts, and particularly for those interested in the early years of photographic experimentation, there is no better place to visit in March.
Thanks to the Browns' efforts, there are numerous exceptional works on view from thecollections of Teresa and Paul Harbaugh, Jim Robischon, Mark Sink, Mark Katzman and others.  Historic highlights include two stunning Edward Steichen photogravures (includingPond Reflecting from 1904), three albumen print portraits by Julia Margaret Cameron, and Sir Walter Scott's Favorite Dog - an amazing salted paper print by William Henry Fox Talbot that dates to 1844.  These works alone make the exhibition a rare treat.
But there are many contemporary photographers represented as well, complementing theolder work and illustrating the continuing stamina of alternative processes.  This is one of thefinest groups of alternative process work I have seen.  Don't miss: two absolutely beautiful 14" x 26" black glass ambrotypes by Jeff Graves that depict austere eastern plains landscapes.  Kristen Hatgi Sink provides the other group of standout work: three small platinum/palladium prints on incredibly delicate toshi washi paper.  Depicting women and girls amongst flowers and printed as a circular image frame, these represent a zenith of platinum printing in particular and of contemporary alternative photographic work in general. Denver is fortunate to have an exhibition showing work of this caliber. 
Pattern Shop Studio
3349 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80205

Ben Sherrill
Project Manager
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