Pattern Shop - The Origins of Photography, Past and Present.

Thank you for a Great 2014

Happy New Year to all the fans of the Pattern Shop Studio, 2014 was an amazing year for us with major exhibitions by Bud Shark, Wopo Holup and Reed Weimer.  We had great crowds for all our events and were glad to make so many new friends.

2015 looks to be just as exciting.

 Sharon will be showing at Mai Wyn Fine Art in a group show and will have her own solo show there in the fall.  She is also featured this month in Denver Life Magazine. 

At the Pattern Shop, we will have an amazing group of photographers exhibiting for Month of Photography in The Origins of Photography, Past and Present.  This retrospecive of traditional and more hands on approaches to photography will include two salons demontrating these processes.

Artists in the exhibition include Julia Margaret Cameron, Frederick Colburn, Eric Antoine, Sally Stockhold, Patrick Andrade, Kristen Hatgi-Sink, Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, Justin Quinnell, Denis Roussel, Christopher R. Perez, Curtis Wehrfritz, Ann Arden McDonald, Tamaki Obuchi, Melanie Walker, Isa Marcelli, Kevin O'Connell, Jacqueline Webster, Francis Schanberger, Satoru Yoshioka, and Jeff Graves.

In the fall, Sharon will team up with Susan Planalp in a clever show pairing Sharon's paintings of Susan's family with Susan's own work celebrating her time growing up in Missouri.

And finally, in the winter, watercolorist Ralph Nagle will be exhibiting work here as we close out the year.

Image Above
Julia Margaret Cameron-Thomas Carlyle-Circa 1860-
Albumen silver print - 20 x 24 framed
(from The Origins of  Photography, Past and Present)