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Month of Photography Denver is a biennial celebration of fine art photography with hundreds of collaborative public events throughout Denver and the region, March and April 2015.

Reed Art & Imaging would like to encourage photographers and creatives of all abilities, interests and skill levels to enjoy the upcoming events.

MoP "The Grays" 
Curated by Sarah LaVigne
By Reed Art & Imaging

SPACE Gallery Reception: Feb 12 
6:00pm - 9:00pm
This is a good one. Sarah LaVigne has put together a groundbreaking show. Four photographers – four takes on animals, people, and their effect on the vast outdoors (and indoors!). Says Sarah: “The works abstract their subjects in subtle or dramatic ways, transporting the viewer beyond the black or white poles of factual perception into places I call ‘the grays’. Reed staffers were amazed when some of these images started rolling off our printers!  click here
MoP Picture Me Here 
Damak to Denver: A Picture Me Here Project 
By Reed Art & Imaging 
John Fielder's Colorado & the Denver Photo Art Gallery 
By Brigid McAuliffe
Reception: Mar 6 
5:00pm - 9:00pm

Reed Art & Imaging, is just one of the sponsors of this unique project that began in a one bedroom apartment in Aurora, Colorado. Volunteers and photographers teamed up to teach a group of Bhutanese women basic photography skills with donated digital cameras. These women spent an average of 18 years in a refugee camp in Nepal before resettling in Aurora & Denver. The instructors met with the women for five months. The camera quickly became a tool for sharing their stories, connecting with neighbors and new friends & building skills in English and technology, all while creating stunning images for an exhibit at PlatteForum. More
MoP 'Dear Erin Hart' 
Photographer Turns Tables on Identity Thief
By Reed Art & Imaging
By Jessamyn Lovell
Reception: February 26 
6:00pm - 9:00pm 
Jessamyn Lovell tells the story of her stolen identity and how photography played a vital role in her ongoing emotional recovery. The exhibition consists entirely of the written and visual record of Erin Hart's crime spree. Reed enlarged the black & white photo at e left into 96" x 133" sheet of wallpaper to be used as a backdrop for the exhibit.  More
MoP Donna Rae Altieri 
50 Years In Your Face Photography 
By Reed Art & Imaging 
IRONTON Gallery 
By Donna Rae Altieri 
Reception: February 27 
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Ironton hosts nine shows a year. The exhibition calendar is divided by Ironton artists and those who have submitted proposals through yearly call for entries. The exhibiting artist's are given creative control and responsibility for their exhibition. This show consists of back lit (Fujitrans) and C-Type prints by Reed Art & Imaging. The gallery is open 6 days a week plus opening nights and most First Fridays.More

MoP Calls 4 Creatives 
Travelers 5 Juried Photography Show 

By Reed Art & Imaging

tbellphotographic Reception: Feb 20 
6:00pm - 9:00pm 
We're proud to announce that Reed's own Bob Coller Jewitt and Gary Reed are represented in the Travelers 5 Juried Photography Show, featuring almost twenty local photographers and juried this year by Westword's Susan Froyd. More