See It Our Way: MoP High School Photo Show 2015 Call For Entries

See It Our Way: MoP High School Photo Show 2015

Call For Entries

Richard Peterson - Devo

Be a part of the Month of Photography in Denver!

 MoP is hosting a high school photography show at the Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery during the month of March.  

The show will be curated by a group of photography teachers and university visual art students. Awards and recognition will be given to top work. The show will continue online at

January 30: Entry form and jpeg of work due
February 11: Applicants informed if they are in the show
February 23-27: All work due at East HS – must be framed according to specifications
March 6: Opening Reception (First Friday)
March 20: Show ends, pick up work at Carmen Wiedenhoeft
March 21-23: Pick up work at East HS

Open to any Denver Metro area high school student who is currently in a photography course at their school.

Theme: There is no specific theme this year. 

Format/Media: Students may enter analog or digital images.  Small 3D works that are primarily photo based will be considered.  No video or motion graphics will be accepted this year.

Limit: Each student may submit up to 2 images/works for consideration.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee this year.

Jpeg submission(s) with entry form: Please keep the file to 5 MB or smaller.  Label your work as mopteen_lastname.jpg (mopteen_lastname2.jpg, if applicable).  Please note if your work is a series of prints or needed additional images to describe the work.  Entry form and jpeg(s) need to be sent to by 1/30/2015.

Frame specifications:  All work must be matted with a white mat and placed into a black frame with a wire for display.  Frames without a sturdy wire will not be hung.  Please use standard frame sizes:
11"x14" - 12"x16" - 14"x18" - 16"x20" - 20"x24" - 22"x28" - 24"x30" -24"x36"

Selling Work:  Students may price their work for sale.  The Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery may take a small commission on all work sold.

Special Thanks to:
Mark Sink, director of MoP
East High School, Alexandra Overby
Lakewood High School, Linda Slobodin
Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery, Carmen and Kurt Wiedenhoeft
Museum of Contemporary Art, Ama Mills-Robertson
Colorado Art Education Association

Questions?  Email Alexandra Overby at  or look on the website .


See It Our Way 2015 Entry Form


Address: ________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________ Zip _____________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________

Image 1 Title ____________________________________________________
Size (without frame) ________________________________
Description of Process (if needed to explain work) : _________________________

Image 2 Title _____________________________________________________
Size (without frame) _____________________________________________
Description of Process (if needed to explain work) : _________________________

The work I am submitting is my own creation.  I agree to allow my artwork to be used for possible promotional purposes and to be presented in the online gallery for the show.  If I decide to sell my work, I understand that the Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery may take a small commission.

________________________________________       ___________________
Artist Signature                                                                        Date

_________________ ______________________       ___________________
Parent/Guardian Signature         (if student is under 18)            Date