WestWord Flashback of 2013

Rebecca Martinez, "Held Over," The Reality of Fiction, RedLine Gallery.

Month of Photography, March 2013
Mark Sink's big beautiful mess of a biennial photography blowout once again pleased endlessly with its many explorations of camera work, technique and in-the-moment imagery at galleries and museums -- and even random brick walls -- all over town. International in scope and growing ever larger, MoP left no photography subject unturned, by featuring dozens of shows both big and small -- and diverse, as well, from the Sink-curated The Reality of Fiction at RedLine, which revealed a deep vein of work based on visual trickery and staged narratives, to The Denver Salon: Then and Now, a historical retrospective of Denver's one-time photographers' salon at the Byers-Evans House Museum Gallery. Best news yet? 2014 will usher in Mo'Print -- a Month of Printmaking biennial that will alternate years with MoP.