Tenn Street ART - M.A.N. Show

                Tenn Street ART is excited to host the 2nd annual "the M.A.N. show" - an invitational photography show featuring 5 male artists. 

Show Dates: April 5-28, 2013
Opening Reception: FIRST FRIDAY, April 5, 6-9 PM
Music Guest at Opening Reception: Fall River

"the M.A.N. show" is one of Tenn Street ART gallerist , Sharon Meriash's favorite invitationals. "I spend the year prior to this show looking for male photographers who create unique work," says Sharon. "This year's event, also a part of the city wide Month of Photography, is a "shoot & tell" show that celebrates five men living truly different day to day lives yet capturing their visions with a common thread - photography. I hope you will be as delighted as I am with the results of this talented group of photographers and the insights they share."

"the M.A.N. show" photographers this year are:

Paul R. Bender
Scott Carlin
Bob Coller Jewett
Dane "Colfax" Stephenson
Charles Walter

 Scott Carlin  Paths of Resistance

Tenn Street ART 4418 Tennyson Street (located inside Tenn Street Coffee & Books), Denver, Colorado 80212