Goodwin Fine Art - Monique Crine

Monique Crine JFK 3, oil on canvas, 30 x40 inches

APRIL 18 - JUNE 1, 2013
Opening Reception with the Artist
Show Continues through June 1, 2013

Goodwin Fine Art is pleased to announce a showing of new work by Monique Crine. The Denver-based artist is known for her photo-based/realist paintings.  This series focuses on images of JFK taken by her paternal grandfather in 1963, two months before JFK’s assassination.  The images are from the President’s dedication of Grey Towers, known today as the Pinchot Institute for Conservation, located in Milford, Pennsylvania.  This year marks the 50-year anniversary of the dedication of the images, as well as Kennedy’s death.

The narrative behind the paintings is twofold; there is the subject of JFK prior to his assassination, and there is the relationship between the artist and her family, as connected by JFK.  In the artist’s own words Crine shares:

“I was further intrigued by this era in US history when I discovered that my maternal Grandfather was a witness to the assassination of JFK in Dallas (and was also the witness who discovered Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas School Book Depository Building), in addition to my paternal Grandfather having photographed him two months prior in Pennsylvania.  Kennedy was significant to me not because of who he was as a president, but how he linked my families together.”

Monique Crine received her M.F.A. from Cornell University.  She is a 2011 Pollock-Krasner award recipient, a 2007 Grant recipient from the Cornell Council for the Arts and 1999
Bank of America Award in Fine Arts.

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