CPAC Phos: Light Today

'Phōs: Light Today', curated by Conor King, will be a multidisciplinary exhibition that brings together artists who are exploring new possibilities in the mediums of photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, video, and installation. By exhibiting a selection of works from multiple mediums this exhibition aims to examine the ways in which artists use and represent light in art. Throughout history artists have been concerned with the representation and manipulation of light, creating works that symbolize light, use it as a material both in its natural and artificial forms, and distort or alter it to better understand its characteristics and limits. With this exhibition we see contemporary artists continuing to experiment with the ways in which light can be seen and understood using new technologies, harnessing it in installations, and exploring it as material and subject matter. 'Phōs: Light Today' aims to connect the works of artists engaged in experimentation with light and challenges viewers to participate in this continuing multi-medium exploration.

February 28 - April 20, 2013

Opening Reception:
Thursday, February 28, 6:00-9:00 pm
with live exterior video projection by: Jeromie Dorrance + Mario Zoots

Participating Artists: Mindy Bray, Sandra Jean Ceas, Jeromie Dorrance, Spencer Finch, Ethan Jackson, Mike Schonebaum, Barry Whittaker, David Zimmer, Mario Zoots

Panel Discussion:
Wednesday, March 13, 7:00-8:30 pm
with William Morrow, Polly and Mark Addison Associate Curator of
Contemporary Art at the Denver Art Museum, and artists – $5/$3

Ethan Jackson Jackson Rotunda

Participating Artists: Mindy Bray - Denver, CO, Sandy Ceas - Denver, CO Jeromie Dorrance - Denver, CO, Spencer Finch - Brooklyn, NY, Ethan Jackson - Colorado, New Mexico, Mike Schonebaum - Brooklyn, NY, Barry Whittaker - Toledo, OH David Zimmer - Denver, CO, Mario Zoots - Denver, CO

Mindy Bray

Colorado Photographic Art Center
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